Foundry at SoLow Fest

A huge congratulations to Foundry playwrights Lena Barnard, Sam Henderson, and Douglas Williams, who presented new plays in this year’s SoLow Fest.

SoLow Fest is a do-it yourself festival dedicated to new, experimental work focusing on solo performance, founded in 2010 by Philadelphia performance artists Thomas Choinacky and Amanda Grove. Now in its fifth year, SoLow continues to experiment with their niche of using non-traditional locations and venues, inspiring artists and audiences alike to challenge the norm of theatre, and making and seeing art that may otherwise never be created.

Casablanca by Gaslight, a multimedia interactive snarky comedy about the everyday tragedy of oppression and confusion and the movie Casablanca, by Lena Barnard and Meredith Sonnen, played a sold-out run. About the play: Three people, very different, yet still the same, deal with the universal questions of “Who am I?” “How can I change the world?” and “What would Ingrid Bergman do in this situation?” As their lives and mutual obsessions intertwine we see this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Read more in Meredith’s interview with Phindie.

Created for the 2014 Solow Festival, You Receive A Love Letter From Me You’re Fucked Forever is a filthy, somewhat sad inquiry into love, madness, and fuckin’, written and performed by local actor and playwright Sam Henderson. Passing familiarity with Weezer’s Pinkerton album a must. More about the show in Sam’s interview with Phindie.

Douglas Williams teamed up with actor Andrew Carroll to create Solstice, a play written to be performed on the 2014 summer solstice and then never again: Eric Sparks doesn’t know it yet, but he’s going to die this September. That means this coming summer solstice is his final chance to live the longest day of the year. On that day Eric will be given the opportunity to see every 21st of June he has ever lived. Solstice, a one-man show written by Douglas Williams and Andrew J. Carroll, explores how we spend our days and what we ultimately hold onto. Read more in Douglas’s interview with Phindie.


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