Azuka Theatre To Produce Douglas Williams

Azuka Theatre has announced it will produce the world premier of Moon Cave by Douglas Williams, Foundry playwright and Azuka Playwright-in-Residence, in its 2014-2015 season.

The season also includes The (curious case of the) Watson Intelligence by Madeleine George and Speech and Debate by Stephen Karam.

Azuka Theatre is committed to giving voice to people whose stories go unheard. Since 1999, Azuka has produced 13 world premiers and 13 Philadelphia premiers, including last season’s Skin & Bone by Foundry founder Jacqueline Goldfinger, who is also an Azuka Playwright-in-Residence.

Moon Cave

By Douglas Williams
Directed by Kevin Glaccum

Terrified that someone will recognize him from a childhood trauma that made national news, Derek keeps to himself. That all changes when he meets Rachel and starts letting down his guard. Approached by someone who knows his real name, Derek must tell Rachel the secrets he’s been hiding, but will she still love him when she knows the truth? And if Rachel knows, how soon before the rest of the country will be knocking down his door? A nuanced look at notoriety, responsibility, and living with your mistakes.

March 4 – 22, 2015


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