SAFE SPACE: Foundry at the Fringe

Foundry playwrights Emily Acker, Emma Goidel, and Douglas Williams have teamed up with director Maura Krause to create Safe Space, a new play with stage management by Foundry playwright Lena Barnard. Safe Space premiers this Wednesday at the Philadelphia FringeArts Festival under the pop-up company Apocalypse Club.

From the writers:

Safe Space is a one-of-a-kind production embedded in Williams’s South Philly home. The beer will be chilled and the music tastefully obscure; but once the proper vibe has been established, the co-written play will emerge from unexpected directions, featuring characters that yearn to invent the first climate change apocalypse live action role-playing game ever!

That’s right: CLIMATE CHANGE APOCALYPSE LARPING. With beer. Now that has the makings of a killer party! Or perhaps just an incredibly weird one. Either way, a memorable experience for all.

What? Safe Space in the 2014 FringeArts Festival
When? Sep 10 – 19
Where? Doug lives in the Point Breeze section of Philadelphia.  The address will be provided upon ticket purchase.

Tickets are $10 – $15 and available online at, or at the FringeArts Box Office: 215.413.1318. FringeArts discounts are available.

More information at

Did we mention free beer?



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