Foundry at the 2015 Fringe!

logoFoundry members have lots of shows premiering at the 2015 FringeArts Festival in Philly.

Haygen Brice Walker co-created Spookfish, Sept. 4-13.

Spookfish_-Haygen-Brice-Walker-and-Jessica-Shwartz-300x158A haunted house that’s not a haunted house . . . until it is. A play about slasher flicks, the horrors of high school, firework accidents, cat colonies, and a Canadian goose. The meanest play in this year’s Neighborhood Fringe will have you guessing who’s the Spookfish until the end.

Sam Henderson created and stars in 100, Sept. 8-17.

100_Sam-Henderson-768x1024 100 is a procedurally-generated solo show for an audience of one by Sam Henderson (Chris Davis’sAnna K, Renegade Co.’s Damned Dirty Apes). Each show is unique: there are over 10 billion possible variations. Chance, fate, old text adventure games, and the human voice.

Jeremy Gable wrote the text for 901 Nowhere Street, Sept. 8-17

901-Nowhere-Street_Sam-Tower-Ensemble-681x1024One reckless evening draws an aspiring novelist into an intoxicating world where a cynical private eye and a mysterious publisher fight to erase their past. Three hardboiled heroines are swept up in a twisted exploit of power, greed, and manipulation. Fantasy trumps reality in this hallucinogenic crime drama gone awry.

Sam Henderson also co-wrote Damned Dirty Apes, Sept. 9-19

Damned-Dirty-Apes_The-Renegade-Company-300x200Renegade, with Chris Davis and Sam Henderson, will mash-up the classic films Planet of the Apes, Tarzan the Ape Man, and King Konginto a theatrical expedition of FDR Park ruled by the laws of the jungle. Wear comfortable shoes, prepare to get dirty, and don’t stray from the path.

Alisha Beth Adams premieres Shelter-in-Place, Sept. 18-20.

Shelter-in-Place_Alisha-Adams-271x300A North Philly survivalist meet-up group plots their escape from civilization. The immersive, site-specific performance invites audiences to question the meaning of survival, and design their own escape(s). Is self-sufficiency a myth?  Can survival be bought and sold? Are you prepared for the worst?

And Douglas Williams co-created the digoital fringe piece, @AstroJennie.

astrojennie-269x300According to the latest Congressional budget, outer space is bullshit. NASA’s funding has been slashed yet again. Now, after spending the last five years living in the International Space Station, astronaut Jennie Stuart must return home to North Philly. When she arrives expecting a rousing homecoming, America’s reaction is anything but gracious.

Please enjoy these amazing projects, and support these writers!


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