2016 Graduation!

Michael Hollinger, Quinn Eli and Jacqueline Goldfinger invite you to join us to celebrate The Foundry’s second graduating class of local playwrights: MJ Kaufman, Douglas Williams, Lena Bernard, Emily Acker and Sam Henderson. 

Our celebration will consist of a 75-minute reading of short excerpts from their new full-length plays followed by a bonanza party.

The free reading will take place Friday, June 3, 2016 at 8 p.m. at the Arden’s Hamilton Family Arts Center. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

For three years, our playwrights have workshopped new plays and harebrained ideas, debated approaches and aesthetics, made a mess together, laughed until they cried, and cried until they made each other laugh. We now send them out into a wide world with love in our hearts and new plays in their hands.

The reading will feature performances by: Mary Tuomanen, Jen Kidwell, Kittson O’Neill, Iman Jones, Anna Szapiro, Sam Henderson, Vince Ali, Stephanie Walters, Cathy Simpson, Susan McKey, Chris Davis, and Charlotte Northeast. Direction by: Matt Decker and Maura Krause.


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