2017 Graduation!

Michael Hollinger, Quinn Eli and Jacqueline Goldfinger invite you to join us to celebrate The Foundry’s second graduating class of local playwrights: Ian August, Joshua Campbell, Bill D’Agostino, R. Eric Thomas, and Mary Tuomanen!

Our celebration will consist of a 60-minute reading of short excerpts from their new full-length plays followed by a celebration party.

The free reading will take place Monday, June 12, 2017 at 7 p.m. at the The Bluver at The Drake. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

These playwrights have developed their craft and their plays over the past three years as members of The Foundry, a free program of PlayPenn. During their Foundry membership, each playwright has worked on their writing and received extensive support from fellow members and mentorship from founders Jacqueline Goldfinger, Quinn Eli, and Micheal Hollinger, as well as a number of guest artists. These Foundry graduates have had their plays produced at theatres in Philadelphia, including InterAct, Azuka, Act II Playhouse and Simpatico, and festivals and theatres across the country are discovering the character and quality of Foundry playwrights and staging their work.

The excerpts will be directed by Allison Heishman and Jarrod Markman. They will feature Charlotte Northeast, Sabrina Profitt, Kristen Norine, Tiarra Murrel, Blair Sams, Brian Anthony Wilson, Kimberly Fairbanks, Brandon Pierce, Brendan Norton, Jaylene Clark Owens, Iman Hanif Jones, Frank Nardi, Anthony Martinez Briggs. Stage Managed by Eleanor Safer.


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